Delivery Biz Pro Adds Another International Partner with New Zealand’s Ooooby

A GetSwift company Delivery Biz Pro (DBP), which provides software to facilitate delivery between farms and providers of fresh produce to homes and businesses, is pleased to announce its partnership with Ooooby, a digital farmers market headquartered in New Zealand.

Ooooby specializes in delivery of local organic food from small-scale farmers and will utilize the latest technology from DBP to help put sustainable farming at the heart of the food system in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. The partnership is the latest in a series of international relationships DBP has developed recently, underscoring its flexibility to help companies in every corner of the globe.

“We’ve been deeply impressed by the fantastic improvements DBP has brought to our customer experience as well as the operational efficiencies the software brings,” said Pete Russell, Founder and CEO of Ooooby. “Our customers have been raving about the new shopping interface and we saw an instant increase in average transaction values by over 10%. The DBP team has been an absolute delight to work with and we’re very excited about applying more of the powerful features that DBP offers!”

Through the integration of DBP’s technology, Ooooby plans to scale its operations into other regions, reduce costs, create more efficiencies, and make use of several new produce box-building methodologies.

“We’re excited to be a part of the growing local food movement in new markets with Ooooby,” said Judd Payne, Vice President of Delivery Biz Pro. “Ooooby is poised to be a leader in the space and their model was a natural fit for our technology.”

Ooooby launched its first prototype hub in the fall of 2010 in Auckland, from a converted shipping container with 50 customers. Today, Ooooby operates in several regions including, Christchurch, New Zealand; Sydney, Australia, and Fresno, California – delivering over 345,000 boxes of produce to more than 17,000 homes.

Ooooby Ltd is a for-profit company with over 150 shareholders including staff, suppliers, customers, and professional investors.

About Delivery Biz Pro

Delivery Biz Pro (“DBP”) is a SaaS company offering global partners a subscription-based cloud service for businesses with recurring product orders particularly within the produce, meal kit, dairy, farm-to-table, water, home and commercial delivery sectors. DBP’s platform brings together four key components that allow recurring delivery industry sectors to employ the best methodology for their logistics fulfillment. DBP’s system helps deliver over 2.5 million products including local, organic food, to over 600,000 families on a monthly basis. For more information, please visit DBP here.

GetSwift helps this Meals-on-Wheels Provider put Real-Time Tracking in Seniors’ Hands

GetSwift helps this Meals-on-Wheels Provider put Real-Time Tracking in Seniors’ Hands

Real-time tracking of deliveries is the new norm, and it’s working even for folks we sometimes assume aren’t so hip with technology: the elderly.

A new partnership between GetSwift and Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services (SCES) in Massachusetts is allowing older people who rely on free hot meals to accomplish all sorts of new, important tasks: track their meals in real time, receive text message notifications, cancel orders, and more.

The older generation is getting it done right from a simple SMS message to their smartphones—being able to track the location of their hot and cold meals, snacks, and frozen foods in real-time. SCES alone served more than 240,000 meals last year, part of the over 2.5 million Meals-on-Wheels delivered across the country.

Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services (SCES) utilizes GetSwift to send text notifications when a delivery is scheduled and when the meal is on its way, which is crucial because we all know there’s nothing more important than a fresh, healthy meal.

For SCES, the GetSwift platform allows them to improve their customer service, become more efficient, and reduce food waste. Their customers no longer have to call them to check on a driver’s ETA—instead seniors can see the driver’s route in real-time, along with an ETA, right on their smartphones.

S.C.E.S implemented GetSwift with its client base last fall and both their drivers and customers are benefitting from the upgrade in technology.

GetSwift is a global leader in delivery management automation and is proud to be in a supporting role behind SCES, a nonprofit elder services agency that’s dedicated to helping people maintain independence and well-being at home, by providing services, supports, and information.

For more information about how GetSwift can transform your Customer Experience, get in touch.

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GetSwift is transforming last mile delivery for end-to-end with two new acquisitions!

GetSwift, a leader in last-mile delivery technology for everything from pizza to alcohol and other goods, took aim at that problem with two new acquisitions. The acquisitions—of North American delivery management platform Delivery BIZ Pro and a popular workforce scheduling provider, Scheduling+—are part of the company’s ongoing strategy to unify all the technology needed to address every step of online food delivery, from farm to restaurant kitchen to the home. GetSwift hopes to capture business that even e-commerce giants have had trouble nailing: streamlined delivery technology from end to end.

GetSwift Announces Two Strategic Acquisitions in North America

Acquires Delivery BIZ Pro and Scheduling+

  •  Integrates Intelligent Employee Scheduling, Task Management + Time & Attendance to GetSwift’s End-to-End Solutions
  • Introduces Recurring Home Delivery Software to GetSwift’s Global Delivery Automation Platform
  • Positions Company for Next Phase

GetSwift Limited (ASX: GSW) (“GetSwift” or “the Company”), a leading provider of SaaS logistics technology, today announced the signing of a definitive agreement for the acquisition of the North American delivery management platform Delivery BIZ Pro and the acquisition of popular workforce scheduling provider, Scheduling+.

GetSwfit, a leading provider of SaaS logistics technology, today announced the acquisition of North American delivery management platform Delivery BIZ Pro and the acquisition of popular workforce scheduling provider, Scheduling+.

Delivery BIZ Pro (“DBP”) is a privately held SaaS company based in the United States that offers a subscription-based cloud service for businesses with recurring product orders particularly within the produce, meal kit, dairy, farm-to-table, water, home and commercial delivery sectors. DBP’s platform brings together four key components that allow recurring delivery industry sectors to employ the best methodology for their logistics fulfillment.

“Delivery BIZ Pro is a proven and leading delivery management system in the attractive recurring delivery market in North America,” said Bane Hunter, CEO, GetSwift. “With its diverse product offering including front-end ordering, route mapping and business intelligence, DBP and GetSwift will enable customers to have an end-to-end last mile solution in key markets. We are very excited about the potential to leverage our infrastructure and resources for our combined growth.”

Scheduling+ (“SP”) is the flagship product of a privately held SaaS company based in the United States, Web Software, LLC, that combines staff scheduling, task management, time and attendance recordkeeping, and payroll into one easy to use subscription-based cloud solution, which allows businesses of all sizes to reduce the amount of time spent on employee management and optimize human capital management.

“Employee scheduling is a major pain point for many of our customers and a dependency when scaling delivery growth. Integrating Scheduling+ into GetSwift’s platform provides a best-in-class scheduling solution for our clients – one that will fully integrate into our platform,” Hunter said. “In addition to offering scheduling services to GetSwift clients, Scheduling+ represents a tremendous global growth opportunity to penetrate and automate the antiquated workforce scheduling market for small, medium, and enterprise customers. Instead of having to partner with external providers for this function we are now able to offer this as a comprehensive proprietary solution. We are excited about the new growth platform that SP brings to our business.”

Key employees from both companies, including their founders who will be incentivized to remain for at least 2 years, will be joining GetSwift and will be integrated into the existing team. Hunter said, “We are excited to expand the size of GetSwift’s product offerings, and add technical, product, sales and marketing expertise, with acquisitions that we believe will create long-term shareholder value.”

“Delivery BIZ PRO has focused on delivering innovative SaaS solutions to the large and growing farm-to-table market in North America, among other sectors, for the last ten years,” said Judd Payne, CEO and co-founder of Delivery BIZ PRO. “We’ve had a myriad of options, but the opportunity to become a part of GetSwift and to work closely with its executive management was a very important factor for us. We aim to leverage the sales and growth infrastructure of GetSwift, expand our scale, and accelerate our ability to penetrate the last mile delivery market with our joint cloud-based solution.”

“There are over 2 billion hourly paid workers and drivers globally and many employers are using outdated methods to manage their workforce. The addressable market opportunity is very large for our cloud-based scheduling software,” said Erick Prohs, CEO and co-founder of Scheduling+. “Joining GetSwift’s SaaS platform allows us to leverage best-in-class global management, sales, product, and engineering teams to accelerate our ability to provide our scheduling services to businesses to optimize and increase the efficiency of their hourly workforce operations. We are very excited by the potential of what our combined platforms will deliver.”

Details Regarding the Acquisitions

The board of directors of GetSwift has unanimously approved the transactions.

As part of the acquisition of Scheduling+, GetSwift will no longer rely on third party scheduling solutions on its platform and will replace them with Scheduling+ and its forthcoming AI components.

Under the terms of the transactions, GetSwift acquisition consideration for the assets of DBP and for SP is comprised of USD $4.5 million in cash, plus assumption of liabilities, with a USD $1 million payment structure for Scheduling+ over a 12-month period. GetSwift will fund the cash consideration with cash from its balance sheet. The transaction is not subject to any financing condition. Evershed Sutherland LLP acted as legal advisor to GetSwift on these transactions.

GetSwift is an emerging growth company and is subject to a variety of risks. The Company is not yet profitable, and there can be no assurance that it will achieve profitability. The Company’s business and a variety of investment considerations are discussed in more detail in the Company’s filings with the Australia Securities Exchange (ASX). Investors are encouraged to review the more complete information contained in such filings.

About GetSwift Limited

Technology to Optimise Global Delivery Logistics

GetSwift is a worldwide leader in delivery management automation. From enterprise to hyper-local, businesses across dozens of industries around the globe depend on our SaaS platform to bring visibility, accountability, efficiency and savings to their supply chain and “Last Mile” operations. GetSwift is headquartered in New York City and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:GSW). For further background, please visit

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GetSwift Tip: Want $250? Refer a Friend to GetSwift 

How it works:

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